My name is Ariana Escobar and I have a bunch of degrees in Design and currently I work as the Creative Director of Hipertextual in Madrid, Spain.

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Game Design

The Game Industry started booming a decade ago and since then has became one of the leading forms of entertainment in terms of total revenue. In 2013 I finished a Master in Game Design but I actually became a Game Designer the day I completed my first game.


Web Design

Even though I'm not a web developer my background on Audiovisual Communications (among other things) has given me a strong sense of aesthetics and user experience that's extremely valuable for the Web. Hipertextual gave me the chance to prove my worth.


UI/UX Design

Mixing up both previous skills I have decided to focus on the development of amazing interfaces and experiences for games. Every day becomes clearer the importance and the effect that this brings to the final product and user satisfaction. 



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