At the end of April 2017, CARTO held an event for partners and clients in Spain's capital called CARTO Locations. Beyond the amazing effort and hard work done by everyone in the company, it also required plenty of work from the design team.

From branding to posters, videos, banners, swag kits, slides or landing pages. It was a lot of work that made us get out of our comfort zone and deal with correcting printing issues or having to review every single signage and swag for the event.

It was a real struggle at times, but it was also an amazing learning experience and it truly rocked seeing my designs displayed like this!

Event signage shown in digital billboards on Callao, Madrid's city center. The Carto offices are located on the floor above them.
Carto Locations website
Carto Locations website showing the video recordings of the talks
Carto Locations venue, with the logo projected over the walls and purple lights lighting the space
Event lanyards with space for name tags and the agenda on the back
Branded tote bag
Custom-made stamp we used to mark the gifted notebooks
Branded notebooks that says "A map brought you here"
Examples of the slides we showed between talks to present the upcoming talk on each room.